Monday, May 10, 2010

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, Book Review by Jack

I like this book very much. I like it because it is so exciting. It is a good book.

I choose this book for 2 reasons.1 reason is because my sister said it was good. The other reason is because she made me read it.

 In this book Percy goes to a camp called camp-half blood. In this book he is accused of stealing Zeus’s lighting bolt. Will he get is back?


  1. Will wrote his review on the The Last Olympian. See what he says below about this book in the series...

    I liked all of the battles and the Greek mythology theme action and brute battles.
    It was the last in this series of books I was reading.

    It is about a boy that is trying to defeat the Titan Lord Kronos in many violent battles containing lots of sword clanging.

  2. i read this book over the summer and it was great. i'm in the middle of the second

  3. i like that book, ALOT!!!